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Sivaraja Yoga
Tuesday, 15 July 2003
Kerala News

Posted by drkanam1 at 5:59 PM EDT
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Posted by drkanam1 at 5:50 PM EDT
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Swami Athura Das of Kurichy

Nonagenarian Saint, Health Care & Social worker of Kerala

Swamikal was born on 19th June 1913 as the son of Ayyappa Kurup and Kunju Pennamma of Chediyattu, Channanikkadu Kottayam. His original name was Vasudevan Pillai. Vasu wanted to become a Health care worker. But his mother wanted him to become a Saint. Agamanda Swamikal of Kaldy Asram advised him to become both. So Vasudevan became a disciple of Bhakthanda Swamikal, who was the first disciple of Chhattampi Swamikal ,the first disciple of Thycaud Ayya Swamikal. He adopted Athura (ailing) Das(servant) as his name. He started an ashram in Ithithanam and propagated milk therapy, Naturotherapy and Homeo treatment. In 1952 he started Athurashram in Kurichy. In 1955 he started Homeo Hospital and in 1958 the first Homeo College in Kerala was started in Kurichy.
In 1979 he handed over the college to NSS. Later the hospital was given to Central Government. Now it is the Central Homeopathic Research Institute. Swamikal started 7 asrams and 19 workingwomen Hostels, several Schools and Temples. He was the State President of Bharatha Sadhu Samaj started by Dr. Rajendra Presad. For many years he was the President of Ayyappa Seva Sangom.
He is known as "Kerala Hannehman" due to his role in propagation of Homeopathy in Kerala.
He had visited the birthplace of Hannehman in Germany and toured Himalayas and many foreign countries.
13th July was his 90th birthday (Navathy)

Posted by drkanam1 at 4:35 PM EDT
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Monday, 14 July 2003
Prof. "Manonmaneeyam "Sundaram Pillai MA (1855-1897)
First MA holder of Travancore

Raja Kesava Dasan the famous Divanji of Travancore who constructed the Alapuzha port brought two Vellala families from Thirunelveli for account keeping. One was Arjunan Piilai of Vadkkekara and the other Perumal Pillai of Thekkekara. Sundaram was the son of Perumal Pillai and Madathy Ammal.He studied the famous Tamil works like Thevaram,Thirikural,Thiruvachakam of Manikkavachakar in early childhood. For higher education he went to Trivandrum. Bensley Seshayyar, Pillaveettil Mathevan Pillai, Pandithar Swaminataha Pillai were his teachers. Rangarayar son of Sir T.Madavarayar was his classmate. In 1880 he got Main Economics. He is the First MA holder of Travancoreand so got the name- "MA Sundaram Pillai". He married Sivakami Ammal at the age of 22. He became a disciple of Kodaknalloor Swamikal. With Thycaud Ayya Swamikal he started Saiva Prekasa Sabha in Trivandrum. Chattampi Swamikal and Sri Narayana Guru were frequent visitors of his residence . Once Swami Vivekanandan came to his residence to have a discourse with the learned Professor.
He was the pet student of Dr. Harvey, Professor of Maharaja's College (present University College). So he was appointed as Professor in the same college. The famous Tamil play Manonmaneeyam was written by him in 1891. There after he was called "Manonmaniyam Sundaram Pillai".
The prayer song "Tamizh thai vazhattu" first published by Sundaram Pillai, MA as the invocation to his play, "Manonmaneeyam" was adopted the official "prayer song" of Tamil Nadu in June 1970,He did research on Pathuppattu of Tamil Sanghom literature. Another work was "Kings of Travancore "for which he got an award. He bought a large mountain area of 1000 acres in Peroorkada and named it Harveypurm and constructed his residence- Harvey Bungalow there.
Novelist C.V.Raman Pillai, R.Eswara Pillai, K.P Sankara Menon etc were his students.In 1888 he published "Noottakaivilakkam" .In 1894 he got "Rai Bahadur" title .He was known as learned Philosopher and his friend Chief Secretary Thanu Pillai was called "Born Philosopher". With their combined effort the Archeology Department of Travancore was born and Professor was the first Director of the Department.
He died on 26th April 1897.The Manonmaiam Sundanar University in Thirunelveli is named after this Great Professor
Ex Finance Minister P.S.Nataraja Pillai was his only son

Thycaud Ayya Swamikal

Posted by drkanam1 at 2:04 PM EDT
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Monday, 7 July 2003
Chattampi Swamikal (1853-1925)
First Disciple of Thycaud Ayya Swamikal
Kunjan was the original name of Chattampi Swamikal. He was born on 25th August 1853(1029 Chingom 11th Bharany) to Vasudeva Sarmma and Mangadevi (Thirunanga) of Ullookodu house in Kolloor village of Trivandrum .His first name was Ayyappan.Vadiveeswaram Velu Pillai and Pettayil Raman Pillai Asan were his teachers .He was the monitor and hence got the name "Chattampi "He was a frequent visitor of Jnanapregagaram society of Pettayil Raman Pillai Asan.
Thycaud Ayya Swamikal used to give Vedanta discourses in that society After 7 years attempt Chattampi became the first disciple of Ayya Guru. He received "Balasubramany mantra" from Ayya and became Shanmukhadasan. With the help of Ayya he wrote "Vedadhikara niroopanam". "Pracheene keralam" is the Malayalm translation of a Tamil book kept by Ayya Guru. He was afrequent visitor of Prof. Sundaram Pillai MA. Subha Jadapadikal and Atmananda Swamikal were his other teachers. He got rare books from Koovakkara Potty and studied them. He was amannual labourer in construction work of Kerala Secretariat (Hazoor Kacheri). For some time he worked as document writer in Neyyattinkara.
Paramahamsaparivrajakacharya Sri Vidhadhiraja Bhattaraka Sri Chattampi Thiruvadikal is his Sanayasi name. He brought Nanu Assan (later Sri Narayana Guru) to Thycaud Ayya Swamikal . Ramanda Swamikal, Bhakathanada Swamikal ( Thodupuzha) Vijayanadha Swamikal of Kaviyur, Abhedhanda Swamikal (Trivandrum) and Vidyananda Thhedhapada Swamikal (Vazhoor) were his disciples. Kumpalthu Sanku Pillai Sahithya kusalan T.K.Krishna Menon, T.C.Kalyanai Amma etc too were his disciples.
Swami Vivekandan learned "Khechari mudra" from Swamikal who learned it from Thycaud Ayya. Adaitha Chinthapadthathi, Aadi Bhasha, Janthu karunaya niroopanam, Christumatha saram Adwaitha panjaram, Brahmathwathanibhasam are his works.
He went to Samadhi on 23th medom 1099

Posted by drkanam1 at 8:34 PM EDT
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Sunday, 6 July 2003
My-India Web ring
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An Indian Ring Site
Members * Ranks * Directory * Messages * more..

Posted by drkanam1 at 8:00 AM EDT
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Kindly join Sivarajayoga yahho group

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Posted by drkanam1 at 3:17 AM EDT
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Friday, 4 July 2003
THUNDATHIL family of Vazhoor
THUNDATHIL family of Vazhoor,
Kottayam ,Kerala

Vellalas from Kumbhakonam in Tamilnadu, migrated to Central Travancore, about 300 years back. One Vaidyalingam Arumugham Pillai was the Accountant (Kanakka Pillai) of one of the Tulu Brahmins of Kottakkakam near Thazhathangadi, Kottayam near the old Thali Temple. . Around ME 1000 (AD 1825) he married Lakshmi Amma, daughter of Harinatha Pillai of "Kunnemakkal" house situated near present SVRVNSS High School, Theerthapadapuram, Vazhoor. The couple shifted to "Thundathil" near 17th mile of K. K.Road in Vazhoor. Their later generations are the Vellalas, now live in Kanam,Vazhoor, Anickadu Kudayathoor, Vadasserikara, Kudayathoor, Erumely etc-
( Ref: Document # 1086 / ME 1092 & that of ME 1099 Makaram 3rd of Office of Sirasthadar, Kanjirappally).
The couple had two sons-
Vaidyalingam and Sankara Narayanan alias Nalla Pillai.
Vaidyalingam had two sons-Arumugham and Krishna Pillai.
Nalla Pillai had one son-Arumugham.
N.Arumugham Pillai had one son- Nalla Pillai.
A.Nalla Pillai had 4 children-
Arumugham, Bhagavathy, Nalla Pillai & Sivarama Pillai.

A. Sivarama Pillai was the founder of " THUNDATHIL" family of Vazhoor. He was the "Pillai Annan" (Village Officer ) of Vazhoor . He brought "Kanam" from "Kudaluvally Namboothiri", about 100 years back , for 70 "Velly Panams" (Siver coins). Sivarama Pillai shifted his residence to Mookkilikattu in Kanam, from Thundathil near KK. Road 17th mile.

Kanam is north of KK Road 14th-16th miles and this kara is in Kangazha muri of Vazhoor Village in Changanacherry Taluk of Kottayam District. Kanam is centrally located and this make it easy to reach from Kochi (ideal) or Trivandrum From Kochi one can go by train to Kottayam and from there to Kanam (25 kms )on the Kottayam-Kumily(KK) Road. If one is coming from Trivandrum go by train or car to Changanacheery and from there by car or bus (24 kms).
(75 year Payikadu house in Kanam is a heritage Kerala house in Kanam(which attracts tourists from different parts of world) where one can stay if booked previously)

KANAM derived its name from the Arabic word "kanpattam" which means "on lease". This area was under the reign of Poonjar Thampuran and later it became the property of Edappally Swaroopam. Once Kanam was a Budhist centre, Plot names like Cherukappally, Payyampally Parappally and Parappalythazhe are evidence for this. The area was inhabited by a group of Pulayas . Their later generations are seen in Eattikal area
Parapally Kaimal had melkoyma over Kanam .The other Nair family was "Purayidathil". There was a Devi temple and a pond- "Amritham chira"in Perumprathazhe .
When Christians migrated from Mundakkayam, they had no belief in idols and they destroyed the temple. The Namboothiri family left the area. The idol in the temple was transferred to Elamkavil near Kangazha temple.

Nallan, son of Sivarama Pillai, got "Pattayam" for the lands in Kanam in ME 1085. The "Nallanikuzhy kavu"(Sacred grove) of Pulayas came under the ownership of Thundathil .The present Ayyappa temple is built in the site of this kavu .Nalla Pillai and Arumugham Pillai cultivated Kanam with the help of Pulayas, Ettalies and Paravas. Paddy, coconut, pepper, tapioca and plantains were the main crops. "Kanam Vithu thenga"(coconut seedlings) was very popular in old Travancore areas.


The Pillai annan (Village officer), Thundathil Sivarama Pillai, of 5th generation had one elder brother Bhagavathy Pillai. He had a son Kunji Pillai for whom there was no child. The other brother Nallan Pillai, who lived in Mookkilkattu, had 3 children in his wife Ankalamma. They were Pappan alias Arumugham, Nallan and Chidambaram. The first two lived in Mookkilikattu and the third lived in Manjakappally near 17th mile of KK.Road. Arumugham had one daughter Kunchiamma in wife Ankalamma. Kunchiamma had two daughters. Nalla Pillai-Lakshmi Amma had three children -Pappu alias Arumugham, Parvathy (Paru) and Kotchukutty . Both the girls were married to Thodupuzha. Arumugham of 6th generation had 3 children in his wife Pappy Ammal from Anthinadu near Palai. They were Sankara Narayana (Karutha Kuttan) Pillai, Parameswaran (Patchu) Pillai and Krishna (Kittu) Pillai.

Mookkilikattu Nalla Pillai Arumugham inherited 60 acres of land. He was called Pappu annan. He died at the age of 82 in 1964. In KV 1123 as the Kudumbhanathan of Thundathil Kudumbham he conducted "Kudumbha Prasnam". His only son Sankara Narayanan (Kuttappan ) died at the age of 17. He had 7 daughters. Thankamma, the elder was married to Adv Pangapattu Sankara Pillai of Kanjirappally. Their daughter Dr. Meenakshy Amma ( Peadiatrician- Peroorkada) is the first doctor from the family.

Arumugham Pillai started the Shanmughavilasom L.P. School at Kotchu
kanjirappara, Kanam ("Kotchukanirappara Pallikkodam") about 75 years back.
He gave 8 "Velly ruupas" as salary to teachers. He gave admissions to all castes-pulayas, paravans, ettalies etc. Due to financial problems he gave the school to Govt. about 50 years back. Sankara Pillai from Nedumkunnam, Parameswaran Pillai from Pampady, DevakiAmma from Alapuzha, KH. Chellamma from Cherukappallil (mother of Dr.CS.Gopinatha Pillai ) KC.Krishna Pillai, KC.Sankara Pillai (he later became Village officer of Kanjar and Vazhoor) and M.N.sankara Pillai of Vazhoor were the teachers .

M.N-Davaki Amma couples settled in Kanam in Manimangalam
near the school. Er.S.Vasudevan Pillai, father of Dr.Shibu Pillai DM is
the son of this teacher couple. Their daughter Kamalamma was married to
T.K. Krihnan Kutty (Kanam Kuttykrishnan) Nair .Their son is the Architect,
K.Radha krishnan. Eattickal Markose was HM of this school for a long time.
Arumugham Pillai constructed a pond in KV 1105 Menaam. He took initiative for the construction of Kanam- Kappukadu Road to Kodungoor. He started one Naithusala (weaving center) near the school.


Sanku Pillai was the eldest son of Village officer Sivarama Pillai of Thundathil.
He married first from Anthinadu near Palai and had a daughter Paru, who was married to Vennampurathu of Anickadu. She died in 1950.She had one son .He had 5 sons and 3 daughters .The eldest son VA. Ayyappan Pillai was the Mathematics Teacher of NSSHS, Anickadu. He was the first graduate from the family (1952). He had 3 children in second marriage. Eldest daughter Suma MSc. BEd is married to C.S.Sreekumar,
founder secretary of SAT, Kanam. They have twin children, a boy and a girl ,first in the history of the family .Boy, Arun Sankar is Homeo student and girl Aswathy Sankar is Computer student.
Later Sanku Pillai married Thailamma from Chelackal of Thodupuzha.
Sanku Pillai had 7 children in Thailamma .The first born Kotchu Pappu
(Sivarama Pillai) died in childhood. The only daughter Kunji Amma( Thankamma)
was married to Vennampurathu- Thycakavil of Anickadu. Their eldest son Kuttappan (Ayyappan ) Pillai married Leela youngest daughter of Mookkilikattu Arumugham Piilai. Second son Sivan Pillai lives in Anickadu.

At present there are a number of "Sankars" in Kanam.
The name derived from this grand father Chollathu Sanku Pillai


Chidambaram (Kuttan) was the second son of Sanku Pillai and was born around KV1067 and died in AD 1984. He married Kalyani Amma from Vadasserikkara. They had 2 daughters and 8 sons. While the partition was conducted two brothers (Ayyappan & Sivaraman) were minors. Chidambaram took the custodianship of Ayyappan and Arumugham took that of Sivaraman.

1.Late K C. Sankara Pillai. (Village officer Appu) -Kamalammal
a. Late Kunjumon alias Chidmbaram Pillai-Radhamani Amma
b.Late Gopi alias Ramakrishna Pillai-Laithambika1
2.K.C.Krishna Pillai ( Kunju Parameswaran)-Chellamma
a. Anandavally- Arjunan Pillai
b.Ammini kutty -Gopinatha Pillai
c.Dr. Krishna Kumari-Sukumara Pillai
d.Sobhana Kumari
e.Sujathakumari-Dr.Sasidharan Pillai
f.Mohanan Pillai-Ambily
g.Krishna kumar-

3.KC.Sivarama Pillai(Ponnu)-Pankajakshy Amma (8)
a. Surendran Pillai-Saradamoni
c.Thankamoni-Thankappan Pillai
d.Sudhamoni-Subramonia Pillai

4.Adv KC.Sivan Pillai- Ammini Amma (4+4)
a. Ushakumari-Sukumara Pillai, Mathanplackal,Cheruvally
b.Geetha-Venugopal, Matherimannil,Ranni
c.Adv Sajikumar
d.Anil kumar-Jyothy

5.K.C.Rajappan Pillai
6.K.C.Vasudevan Pillai

7.K.C.Sundaran Pillai

8.K.C.Karunakaran Pillai (Mony)


In partition deed only he signed in English. He was born in KV 1069 and married Thankamma from Padinjattakkara of Anickadu.

A.Late Appu alias MA.Sankara Pillai-Kamalamma
1.Sasi Lal- Ratnamma
2.MS.Raveendran Pillai-Geetha

B.Dr.M.A.Arumugham Pillai-Subhashini
1.Adv Suresh Pillai
2.Dr.Anil Pillai -Dr.Lizy

C.M.A.Sivarama Pillai-Raji

D. M.A .Ayyappan Pillai(Moni)-Santha
1.Vijayakumar2.Sunilkumar 3.Sindhu 4.Smitha

E.M.A.Ramakrishna Pillai-Ratnamma

F.Thankakutty- Ayyappan Pillai

G.Lakshmikutty- SivaramaPillai.(2+5)

H. Ammal-(Late) Anandkumar


He married from Mulluparmbil of Anickadu. He got the Chollathu purayidam of Vazhoor as per the partition deed. Now it is with his second son Ramanatha Pillai.

The Nallanikuzhy kavu was given to Nallan Pillai but later it was exchanged with Ayyappan Pillai and later Ayyappan Pillai gave it to Adv KC. Sivan Pillai and he donated it to SAT, Kanam. The Ayyappa temple of Kanam is situated at the site of the kavu. Nallan Piilai died due to Cancer of genitalia in 1965.

A.Sankara Pillai-K.P.Chellamma
1.Sivan Pillai

B.Ramanatha( Kuttappan ) Pillai-Chinnamma
1.Sasidharan Pillai
2.Muralidharan Pillai

C.Sivarama Pillai (Thankappan)-Santhamma

D.Chidambaram (Thambi) Pillai-

F.Ayyappan Pillai

G.Ponnamma-Arumugham(Kuttan ) Pillai


Chollathu Sanku Pillai Ayyappan Pillai was born on Makayiram nal, on 3rd Vrizchikam 1086 (20.11.1910) and was only 13 years when Sanku Pillai died and hence in the partition deed of KV.1099 Chidambaram Pillai was recorded as
He first married Thankamma ,elder daughter of Kallor Raman Pillai (Sr) of Elampally. She died in September 1955.They had one son, Dr.Kanam Sankara Pillai and 3 daughters-Parukutty, Rajamma and Sarojam .He lived in Kotchukanjirappara near the SVLPSchool.

The school got the name from his house. Later he shifted to Thonduvelil of Vellara kunnu. He completed 90 in November 2000 and is the Patron of SAT Kanam.

A.Parukutty Amma retired as HM of Netaji HS, Pramadom,Pathanamthitta and her son has Doctorate in Marine Biology.
Ayyappan Pillai has the maximum longevity in the family,the only person who could celebrate his Navathy.
His son (K.A.Sankara Pillai ) and three grand children (Drs.Ajesh ,Anju & Resmi Krishnan ) are doctors and two are married to doctors (Dr.SreejithChappamattom,Ponkunnam and Dr.Lakshmi Rekha,Trivandrum).One grand son (Dr.Sunil Kumar) is is a PhD in Marine Biology ,another one Engineer (Lakshmi Krishnan married to an Engineer) and another one (Babitha married to an Advocate) Advocate.

His second wife Parukutty Amma is from Thenganal, Vazhoor.She had no child. She died in September 2002.
92 year old Ayyappan Pillai (Dec 2002) is the only living son of Chollathu Sanku Pillai and is the Patron of SAT, Kanam

He has 2 grand sons-Dr. Ajesh Sankar MD & Dr.Sunilkumar MSc PhD
and 6 grand daughters.

He has 7 great grand sons and one great grand daughter(Nayanika)

A. Parukutty-Raveendran , Rtd Head Mistress, Netaji HS Pramadom.Pathanamthitta

1.Dr.Sunilkumar Msc. Ph.D-Dr.Lakshmi Rekha MBBS Dip.NB


B. Dr. Sankara Pillai (Moni)-Santha Punnamparambil, Ponkunnam

1.Dr.Ajesh Sankar-Lakshmi Nambiar

Son-Abhijith Nambiar

2.Anju Devi Sreejith- Dr.Sreejith ,Chappamattom, Ponkunnam

Daughter-Nayanika Sreejith

C. Rajamma- Raghavan Pillai,Parathodu Mundakkayam

1.Bindhu-Saju Ranni


D.Sarojam -Krishna Pillai, Udumbannoor

1.Er.Lakshmi Krishnan
2.Dr.Resmi Krishnan


He was youngest son born in Kolla Varsham 1089 Karkidakam. Arumukham Pillai was the custodian as per the partition deed of 1099.Hehad Primary school education from Vazhoor. He married Chellamma daughter of Kunnemakkal Harinatha Pillai-Lakshmi Amma couples. It was the 3rd marriage alliance with the same families. Chellammal had passed Malayalam Sahithya Visarad and was teacher in Shanmugha vilasom LPS. She got training from Karukachal. Later she got Govt job and worked in Vaikom and Karunagappally schools.

She died at the age of 25 after giving birth to Gopinatha Pillai and Sankara Pillai. Later Sivarama Pillai remarried Kamalakshi Amma from Perunadu Cheriya koickal. They had 10 children. Due to the Land Reforms act, Sivarama Pillai lost most of land he deserved as per the Partition. But he acquired wealth and land through trade and became wealthy.

He gave good education to all his children. The eldest is the first and only Doctorate holder of the family.

A. Dr. C.S.Gopinatha Pillai-Leela. Pramadom ,Pathanmthitta

1.Uma Sankar-Sandhya
2.Sylaja-Sureh Babu

B.C.S.Sankara Pillai(Ravi)-Chandrika, Ambalapuzha

1.Shibu Sankar-Darsana
2.Sabu Sankar
C. Late Thankappan Pillai

D.C.S. Rajappan Pillai-Priya
1.Rahul Sankar 2.Rohith Sankar

E.C.S. Sreekumar (Kunjumon)-Suma Devi
Director Board member KVMS
1.Arun Sankar 2.Aswathy Sankar

F.C.S. Krishna Kumar (Monukuttan)-Maya
1.Jaya Sankar (Kannan) 2.Pooja Sankar (Ponny)

G.Sarsamma-Gopalakrishna Pillai
1.Srirekha(Mini)-Sabu(Sajeev) 2.Sreekala-Raju 3.Sunil kumar-Sindhu

H.Radhamoni- Late Sasi
1.Sandhya 2.Resmi


Parapallyl, Kunneparambil, Purayidathil ,Aassariparambil,
Krishnavilasom and Vattommackal , Kotchukalappurayidom are
the Nair families in Kanam


A member of Manpazha family of Vazhoo, Kesava Pillai married from
Pulimoottil and settled in Kanam. He had good relation with all
the members of Thundathil .He had 3 sons Chellappan Nair, Sukumaran
Nair and Siva Sankaran Nair and one daughter Chellamma.
Now Chellamma lives in Pulimoottil,


His son Thankappan Nair took active role in spreading Communist
ideology in Kanamalong with Adv.Kanam Sivan Pillai,KK.Prabhakaran
Nair and Raghavan (Aniyan )Nair.He is actively involved in Parallel education.


Narayanan Nair , Nanu Nair and Parameswaran Nair were the members.
Paramu Nair was Thirummu vaidyan (indigenous physiotherapist )
Narayanan Nair was a merchant. Now his son Tankappan Nair is
living in Kunneparambil.


Was the ancient Janmikudumbham of Kanam. Raghavan Nair is the
present Karanavar.His youngerson Rajan died on 17.7.2000 at the
age of 42.His sister was married to Narayanan Nair of Anickadu.
He was the "nilthezhuthu Aasan"of Kanam.He taught majority of people
in Kanam to write and read Malayalam.Unfortunately he had no child.


Nick named as "Kappayil Rajavu", Krishna Pillai took lands of
ArumughamPillai and Siarama Pillai on lease and cultivated.
Portions were returned. Krishna Pillai belonged to Kunneparambil.
He had a daughter in first wife .She lived in Vadakke Mlakkuzhy.
Krishna Pillai remarried from Nedumkunnam.

They had 5 sons and 3daughters Janaki Amma with husband Parameswaran Nair lived in
Cherukappallil. One daughter was married in Ponkunnam and another at Mundakkayam. Chinnamma was married to a Army man but he died I nearly age .She lives in Thonduvelil .She has one son Lal and is employed in Premier Tyres, Alway. Younger daughter Rajamma was married to Munshi Krishnan Nair of Anickadu NSSHS. Elder son Nanu Nair remained single Second Kuttappan Nair married from Kangazha and settled there .KK. Prabhakaran Nair, third son of Krishna Pillai is living in Krishna vilasom Kanam.

His younger brother K.K. Raghavan Nair (Aniyan ) with his wife Chellamma, (daughter Purayidathil Raghavan Nair), both were Teachers, are leading retired life in

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